We all have a choice. We can settle for the mundane, living an average, but comfortable life, with mediocre goals and dreams. We can strive to be “better,” learning from our past mistakes and from the mistakes of others. Or, we can choose to be the best, creating an unprecedented legacy for ourselves by doing what no one else has.

As executive leaders, we daily ask ourselves and our teams the question, “Is ‘good enough’ good enough?” for our family, our business and ourselves? The answer is simple: no. Why settle for “good enough,” when we are surrounded by resources that can help us to be better and ultimately the best?

Being the best is never easy – it requires courage, hard work and time. It takes bravery to challenge what has gotten us “better” results and pioneer into the uncertainty of trying something new. However, it’s important to remember that we’re not alone in our quest for best results.

In March, I was recognized by ActionCOACH with the award for “BEST CLIENT RESULTS.” What an amazing honor to be recognized for helping my clients achieve results in growing revenues, profits, and increasing their number of employees. These results not only help their businesses, but add greatly to our local economies. Congratulations to all of my clients! I am very proud of you.

For me to help others be their best,I myself must learn from the best. My mentors, trainers, and coaches include Jeffrey Gitomer, Marshall Goldsmith, Brad Sugars, Verne Harnish, and John C. Maxwell (who was recently named American Management Association’s Top Leader in Business for 2014. READ MORE HERE). Each of these mentors are the top in their individual fields.

Today, I challenge you to be your absolute best. Here are a few actions to help you get there:

  1. Set clear goals for yourself and your organization that will take you to the next level.
  2. Create intentional actions to achieve your goals with dates and benchmarks.
  3. Create best personal and business habits, through resources like the Rockefeller Habits and Gazelles Growth Tools.
  4. Identify who you will learn from to achieve your goals.

What will you commit to doing to be the best?

Greatness comes from being around the best. I encourage you to attend the live simulcast of LIVE 2 LEAD, taking place in West Des Moines this October, where you can experience a keynote from John C. Maxwell, along with influencers like Patrick Lencioni, Valorie Burton, and B. Kevin Turner. Attending the event will also be other local business owners and executive leaders, who also strive to be the best.

Reserve your seat for the BEST leadership event of 2015 HERE.

I’d like to thank my clients for their hard work, efforts and follow through. I look forward to continuing our journey to greatness!

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