What if I told you there is a simple formula for success that can be repurposed to help you achieve anything you want in life? This formula is Be x Do = Have. The concept stems from the belief that in order to have what you want in life, you need to have the right mindset to reach your goals, and do the right things to achieve them.

This formula is universal and can be applied to both your personal and professional life. Regardless of your “have,” use this method to create the focus and clarity you need to reach your desired result – for your family, your career, your business, your team, etc. While this formula is simple, it is by no means “easy.” However, if you start to use it and follow it, it will yield great results for you!

Many people live with a Do x Have = Be perspective of success. Meaning that they believe if they “do” the right things and “have” what they desire, and only then will they “be” the person who deserves those things. An example of this is as follows:

“I want to be successful. And to be successful means that I drive a Mercedes-Benz sedan. To afford that car, I must get a good job, and work at that job for X amount of time and move up X amount of positions. In order to get a good job, I must get a master’s degree. To obtain that, I must put in X amount of study/class time and spend X number of dollars…”

It’s easy to see that if your “Be” is your end goal, you’ll never do enough or have enough to achieve it. No matter what, you must DO something in order to HAVE it. But you also must BE-come the person who would DO these things as well. It is important to develop the identity, beliefs and values of the type of person who has those things. Similarly, in your business, in order to HAVE amazing customers, you must develop your business into one that will attract amazing customers.

How do you develop the mindset and skillset to maximize the Be x Do = Have formula? First, identify what you want to Have. What do you want out of your life and your business? Choose something specific, such as “I’d like to have a month off for vacation this year,” “I’d like my business to have more of an impact on the community,” “I’d like to have X number of dollars in sales this year,” “I’d like to have a better relationship with my kids,” or even, “I’d like to have my dream car.”

Next, identify who you have to Be in order to achieve the results you desire. The actions you end up taking to achieve your goals are dependent on who you are and what you have learned. This is why people who come into great wealth very suddenly often find themselves worse off in just a few short years – because they never developed the inner beliefs and values to match their outer reality. Visualize and accept your ideal self as real and believe what you want is already yours. Re-train your mind to accept a new reality to adjust how you behave, think and act to achieve your results.

Lastly, identify what you have to Do to achieve what you want to have. If your goal is to have one new client per month, define a certain number of phone calls, meetings, sales training courses etc. you need to make to meet your goal. If your goal is to take a month-long vacation this year, define how you’ll train your staff on essential functions, come up with a crisis plan and inform your staff of how to handle potential problems when you’re on vacation, and plan to work ahead so your team is not overwhelmed tackling all of your workload when you’re gone. Identify who does what and by when to hold yourself accountable for meeting benchmarks that will lead to achieving your overall goal.

When formulating your Be x Do = Have, be specific and clear within every component. This goal must be something you live and breathe, and staying consistent with your Be’s and Do’s is essential to achieving your Have’s. I’ve found that it helps to write it down and keep it in front of you as a daily reminder of what you’re working towards.

I work with individual business owners and executives, as well as full leadership teams, to not only identify your Be’s, Do’s and Have’s, but also to help you to stay on track and hold you accountable for implementing the process in your daily life. For more information or to set up an initial coaching session, CONTACT ME TODAY.

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