In the blink of an eye, it’s almost July! It’s hard to believe the year is halfway over when it feels like it’s just getting started. Remember that annual plan you created back in late 2019 or earlier this year? These unprecedented times have thrown those goals (along with our lives, our work, and our economy) into a tailspin. While the social, economic, and physical impact of COVID-19 is far from over, most businesses are legally allowed to reopen in some capacity, giving us a moment to breathe, reflect and refocus. How can you gain control back of your business?
If you haven’t already, re-evaluate your previous 2020 goals. The world is a different place than when you were creating them. Consumer habits, buying behaviors and social norms have changed since then. Instead, use this time to be proactive, to choose the direction you’ll take your business in, and make the impact you desire. Here are a few ways you can set your goals for the next six months to plot a successful comeback.

Reset your goals for the rest of the year

How can you make the best of the next two quarters? Take some time this month to check in on the state of your business and re-evaluate what you want to focus on for the rest of the year. Your new goals may look completely different than what you originally set them to be. Be realistic about what is feasible moving forward, and brainstorm multiple scenarios as the pandemic is predicted to persist through the indefinite future.
To start, visualize 2-3 results that you will commit to achieving by December 31st. Once you have identified the main goals you want to accomplish by the end of the year, set 3-5 priorities, or areas that you and your team need to focus on to achieve the results that you chose. Make sure you choose a champion for each priority who is responsible for fulfilling the priority. While the champion does not necessarily need to do all of the work themselves, they are responsible for ensuring the work needed to complete each priority gets done.

Bring clarity to the next 90 days

Now that you know where you’re heading, break your annual goals down into shorter-term, 90-day goals that lay out what you need to accomplish each quarter to finish the year strong. Consider breaking them down even further to define what you aim to carry out in July, August and September. Especially in times of uncertainty, having defined quarterly and monthly goals will help you to stay on course when the future is unclear.
Ensure that everyone in your organization has a 90-day plan with clear outcomes that they are responsible for. Create clear steps that will ultimately lead to reaching your annual goals and outline key actions, benchmarks and timelines for the upcoming quarter.

Goals create focus, and focus creates productivity

It’s easy to shut down when you feel overwhelmed and directionless. By narrowing your focus to a few specific goals and clear priorities for the rest of the year, you can create an action plan with measurable ways to gauge progress. Once you’ve identified your organization’s goals and priorities, be sure to effectively communicate them with the rest of your team. Schedule weekly progress updates to keep everyone motivated and held accountable for the same goal. Remember, these are unprecedented times for your employees, too. They are in need of strong leadership as you navigate the new normal together.

Let’s create our own economy!

Don’t just wish for a better outcome – plan on it! The actions and decisions you make today will determine your future success. Goals backed by a clear action plan can provide the focus and direction you need to drive productivity within your organization to lead to a better tomorrow. If you would like help with this process or help with adjusting your strategy because of the world changes, contact me for a complimentary strategy session.

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