Like chess, strategic thinking, prediction and movement are key in leading a successful organization. Do you know your next move? Have you examined the playing field from all angles, and have poised your business for success both offensively and defensively? Join us for #MoveToGrowth, a global virtual event exclusively for CEOs and/or their executive team members, on July 22nd from 8-11 a.m. EDT.
During this virtual experience, you will receive advice from international experts with proven experience in helping businesses create an engaged, aligned and emotionally connected team. You will not only learn the 5 Disciplines of Exponential Growth but also how to execute them in your business to create a sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent and emotionally connected business.
Exponential growth is a journey that need not be taken alone. Join us at #MoveToGrowth for engaging topics that will help your organization learn and grow faster, including:

Are we really being leaders and managers?

For an organization to succeed, it needs both good managers and good leaders. Leadership is the art of encouraging people to perform assigned tasks willingly, efficiently and effectively. Management is getting work done on time, on budget and on target. Good managers create competent and productive people. Good leaders create passionate and focused people.

Choosing your business model.

Strategy is about skillful management that attains an end. And that end is more than margin, profit, or revenue — it’s sustainability: your business outlasting your competition and, ultimately, you. Ensuring sustainability is one of the prime duties of senior management of any organization. It becomes easier when leaders have a business plan to guide their decision-making process because a clear strategy defines how an organization will win.

Is your core customer driving your future?

The more a business focuses on customers (who are creatures of habit) instead of sales, the more likely it is that the business will succeed. If you only focus on sales (profit), you’ll lean toward competing on price. But focus on your relationship with your customers, and not only will you learn what led them to buy from you in the first place, but you’ll also learn what keeps them (or could keep them) coming back.

Leading with emotion.

As a leader of business, you don’t build your business, you develop your people, and they build the business. When CEOs get this right, everything flows from there. Exceptional people build excellent companies. Great leaders balance logic and emotion to create strong connections with their employees that lead to stability in your organization.

There is good management and bad management, which are you providing?

Good management practices aren’t intuitive. Organizations need to use proven methods to teach managers fundamental and useful managerial techniques, including selecting the right people for the right team; managing communication processes such as daily huddles, one-to-one’s, weekly team meetings, training and providing feedback; and recognizing the abilities of team members and allowing them to take ownership of and responsibility for their respective jobs. Good management is about being proactively helpful to the people they oversee.

Culture is misunderstood.

Every organization has a culture, whether they openly embrace and shape its core values or not. The core values for your organizational culture are something you must explicitly create, lead, and manage because they determine how employees act and behave toward each other and the rest of the world. Core values also enable external audiences like customers, suppliers or investors to understand and value who the company is and for what it stands.
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