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Release the Potential of the Business World

Executives are the ceiling of their team, their team’s behaviors, and their business’s results. When executives are growing in their skill sets and thinking strategically, amazing things happen.

AddingZEROS is to be a global Organizational and Executive Development firm, helping CEOs and executives bring clarity to how to lead and manage their organizations. The foundation of teachings and work with clients is based on AddingZEROS’ definition of a successful business.

A successful business is Sustainable, Predictable, Stable, Consistent, and has an Emotional Connection.

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two adults discussing work

Our Brand Promise

Leadership is a Behavior

Transform a Company

Direction for Organization and Individuals

Achieve Incredible Results

Management is a Role

Advance a Career

To fulfill these promises, AddingZEROS defines how we work with clients in four words:


Our Process helps you see things that you cannot see in yourself and your organization.

Executive/Management Development and Coaching


Our Process brings proven strategies in leadership and management, influencing up and down, hiring and training your team, strategic thinking and execution planning, communication adapting, business and personal development.

Executive/Management Development and Coaching


Our facilitators assists you in thinking through and putting the education into practice into your daily activities.

Executive/Management Development and Coaching


Our facilitators hold you accountable to your goals and actions that you commit to.

Executive/Management Development and Coaching

Our Core Values

AddingZEROS drives our behaviors and culture.

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Our Approach

AddingZEROS helps its clients gain leadership and management skills through the process called “STRATEGIC THINKING, EXECUTION PLANNING.”

Thinking strategically is about seeing the big picture, understanding that everything is connected, and every decision impacts everyone else. Critical thinking (for the big picture) is a skill that everyone can learn. When clients experience “Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning,” they are better able to not only lead and manage their organization better but can adapt to their challenges more effectively.

AddingZEROS believes that strategic planning no longer works. One must think strategically about how to have leverage, how to scale, and how to market, to maximize the opportunity that was chosen to address in the marketplace. In going through this process, one must balance people and productivity. Too many times, strategic planning solely focuses on the results or financials of the business. Team retention, engagement, and recruitment must also be discussed and acted on. AddingZEROS helps its clients see how everything is connected and how management must be fully engaged themselves.

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Our Team

Monte Wyatt
Monte Wyatt

Monte Wyatt is a relatable realist who believes organizations and people can be intentional in how they lead, influence and manage their lives and businesses.

He brings over 30 years of remarkable leadership, business strategy, and personal development experience to executives and business owners. One of Monte’s goals is to create greater emotional connections between organizations and their teams.

Monte gained his work ethic growing up on a family farm in Iowa. He went from sowing corn to sowing seeds of success globally leading, managing and training teams.

Monte has been recognized as a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Selling Author with his book, “Pulling Profits Out of a Hat,” recognized in the 2022 Success 125 by Success Magazine and the Brainz 500 influencer list for 2021.

As CEO of AddingZEROS Executive Development, Monte enables organizations to retain and grow their workforce

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The facilitator team at AddingZEROS is constantly learning, challenging its thinking, and identifying best practices to help its clients succeed. The team gets the results that the clients are after because AddingZEROS is best in three critical areas.

Making complex topics simple.

It is natural for humans to over complicate and overthink.

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Teach to think like executives.

Most people have never been taught to be an executive. Great executives know how to balance the short term with the long term, teach their team to think, and anticipate needs and roadblocks for success.

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Facilitate “Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning” process that gets results.

AddingZEROS role as a facilitator (not a consultant), is to teach people how to think, act, and influence in every interaction

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Angie Fairbanks
Nevada, United States

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Sam Mugavero
Pennsylvania, United States

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Indira Couch - Trinidad & Tobago

Indira Couch 
Trinidad and Tobago

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Kevin Simpson
Alberta, Canada

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Shanti Persaud, PhD. A

Shanti Persaud

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Our Results

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