The Disciplined Approach to Adding Zeros

For many people a business that achieves exponential growth through adding zeros can seem magical because it’s easier to believe that success comes from luck or mysterious forces instead of careful, consistent, and disciplined behaviors.

How the Discipline of Strategy Adds Zeros 

Adding zeros to the various disciplines means improving things that can be measured. You should measure things because what gets measured improves. Once you start measuring something, you unconsciously try to improve it because you're watching it.

Forget Work-Life Balance: Find Work that You Live By

Let’s talk about the work-life balance that many business leaders call for. It calls for living two separate lives, one filled with passion, one focused on making money, as if people had dual personalities, split down the middle. Who can live like that? It’s no wonder organizations are having trouble establishing emotional connections with their employees or the community.

Create Consistency through Good Management

You should know that management and leadership are two different things. Leadership creates passionate and focused people. Management creates competent and productive people.

Create Consistency through Processes

Most of us like to be surprised when we see a magic act. How will the magician wow us with sleight-of-hand?

But in the real world, surprises arent much fun. Such as when your favorite restaurant changes hands and the food isnt as good as it used to be. You don't want surprises in business.

Develop Consistency in Your Business through Execution

In business you do not want to be faced with inconsistent products or services. You're not paying for something on the 50% chance it'l work. A lot of businesses fail because they can't promise their customers they'll always deliver what they say they will.