The Importance of Process in Your Business

Without documented processes in place, a business relies entirely on the skills of its workers who produce the best work.

Why Purpose Is More Powerful than Money

Certainly many people are passionate about money. Everyone wants it, and when they get it, they want still more. It motivates a lot of people to do a lot of things.

How Do You Define Your Strategy?

A clear strategy provides a vibrant picture of what winning looks like for a company, and every department and every position. It identifies who is doing what to achieve which goal by when. Without a clear strategy

Business Success Comes from More than Profit

Optimal business success sounds good, but what does it mean?

For us, optimal business success is having an emotional connection while being sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent.

How Stage Magic Can Inspire Business Magic

Stage magic is magical because it's designed to be. Its point is to create situations where it's easier to believe in mystical occurrences than in all the painstaking work and intricate details that go into the presentation.

Take a Self-Assessment for Business Development

You should take a detailed assessment of your company to see where you stand in regards to the 5 Disciplines and that you can use your assessment as the basis for strategic thinking and execution planning.