Create a Program for Giving Back to Make a Difference

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Sep 24, 2019

The Discipline of Mission enables emotional connections. These come from fulfilling our purpose, living our core values, and giving back to make the world a better place.

These concepts show why you give back to your community as an organization and as an individual. When you give to your community, you get something in return: the satisfaction of knowing your actions have made a difference to people in the local and global communities. The organization also gets something in return for using their business skills to improve their communities and making them stronger: goodwill from neighbors and consumers that leads to substantial feedback, referrals, and customer retention.

A company's program of giving back amplifies the efforts of its individual team members, and rewards the team for joining in a common purpose with others. When an employee's purpose aligns with the organization's purpose, the employee is more motivated, more creative, more productive and more satisfied.

Here are four steps to begin to build a corporate giving back program in your organization.

First, determine what's important in your community. How can your business contribute to what the community needs? Identify the local causes that need support, or particular projects that your company can contribute to.

Second, determine how your company's team members can best contribute. Money is important for many local causes, but personal involvement is important, both for the community and the company, since it strengthens ties with the community and provides an additional sense of purpose for your organization's team members.

Third, determine the kind of involvement that will most motivate your employees. When your employees are empowered by what they do, the community will benefit by their involvement.

Fourth, determine how your giving back will reflect your core values. It's important that everything reflects the values of your company.

You need to create the steps that will lead to the creation of your program of giving back. Too often the focus in business is on strategic planning without paying attention to how that plan becomes a reality. Your planning needs to address how you can execute the strategies you develop. You need to have short-term execution plans that carry out your strategies for giving back. Someone in your company has to "own" this project and guide this process so that it continues, and becomes part of the day-to-day life of your company.

To recap, by giving to your community, you get in return the satisfaction of knowing your actions have made a difference to people in the local and global communities. The company profits and the community benefits.

We'd love to hear from you. If your company doesn't yet have a program for giving back, what would your suggestions be for creating one? Thank you for sharing.