Create Emotional Connection by Giving Back

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Sep 19, 2019

Most of us know how good it feels to be of service to someone else. Random acts of kindness and selflessness not only help others but boost our own sense of worth. The same thing applies to our business.

That's why we include giving back as a component of the Discipline of Mission, which is about creating emotional connections.

It's important to get emotional sustenance where we work, in the things we do every day, and in the things we do to make our world a better place. Those emotional connections are at the heart of the Discipline of Mission. They come from fulfilling our purpose, living our core values, and giving back to make the world a better place.

As much as we can make a difference in people’s lives on our own, a company supports its community in ways much more powerful than an individual could by acting alone. The organization can give to charities, spearhead civic projects, and enable its team to volunteer in the community.

In fact, a company amplifies the individual’s efforts, rewarding him or her for joining in a common purpose with others. When an employee’s purpose aligns with the organization’s purpose, the employee is more motivated, more creative, more productive, and more satisfied. When team members think of their work as part of their lives, they can fulfill their purpose and add value to their community through that work.

When we give back to a community, it’s not just that we’re giving back because we’re creating jobs. We are helping our communities get better all the time. It’s a continuous process. We have to help those who are less fortunate. Giving back is about helping others.

A good example of a company that lives its purpose by giving back is TOMS Shoes. The purpose statement for TOMS could be summed up as improving lives, and the company exists to fulfill that purpose.

TOMS created a business model that helps address the needs and that advances health, education and economic opportunities for children and their communities around the world. TOMS uses proceeds from its shoe sales to provide shoes, vision services, clean water initiatives, safe birth training and assistance, and other services to people in need. TOMS measures the impact of its giving, and tracks the results of its giving back.

TOMS also makes it clear that its customers are responsible for this change in the world, telling them that their purchases support economic opportunity, gender equality, access to education, and restored independence.

To recap, it's important that we get emotional sustenance at work as well as in the things we do each day and what we do to make our world a better place. These emotional connections are the core of the Discipline of Mission, which come from fulfilling our purpose, living our core values and giving back.

We've love to hear from you. How would you define your organization's giving back? Thank you for sharing.