Do the Work, Make the Magic

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Apr 24, 2019

You can systematically improve how you do business, and increase your profits. People will call it magic.

It just looks that way. It's really hard work. Our methods aren't easy, but the results will seem like magic.

We’ve identified five disciplines that lead to exponential success this once you put them into place in your organization. These are the disciplines of strategy, business development, people, execution and mission. They identify opportunity, create purpose, empower employee engagement, foster employee retention, establish processes and lead to a thriving community.

When you instill these disciplines in your business, you’ll see the difference between a company that’s good and a company that’s great.

The discipline of strategy leads to sustainability because it articulates how you do business. It identifies where you want to go and how to get there.

The discipline of business development leads to predictability by understanding your customer and targeting them so that they want to work with you. Predictability creates sustainability, and predictability comes from understanding the causes of past growth to calculate future exponential growth.

The discipline of people leads to stability because when leadership regularly and consistently develops its people, the company will have high employee engagement and retention.

The discipline of execution leads to consistency when the business has researched and perfected what actually works, and manages processes while leading people.

The discipline of mission leads to emotional connection because it involves the whole environment of the company, how it gives back to the community, and why it exists other than just to make money.

Some of the best and most successful companies in the world have incorporated these disciplines. They include Apple, which has high employee engagement and retention, and Marriott, which has perfected what works so that it's predictable, and TOMS Shoes, which gives back to those in need.

We will describe each of these disciplines in detail over the course of these blogs, and provide many examples of these disciplines in action. We’ll also give you the steps to use them in your own organization.

Magic acts are appealing to many people because they offer the hope of something better – pulling money out of a hat, for instance. These disciplines offer you not only a way of strengthening your company, but of providing magic by building exponential success.

Creating sustainability through strategy, permitting predictability through business development, enabling stability through people, becoming consistent through execution and empowering emotional connection through mission will end up making your company better than you’d have thought. It isn’t easy – but real magic never is.

We’d love to hear from you. Which of these disciplines are already active in your organization? Thank you for sharing.