Leadership Traits that Lead to Business Success

Good leaders are not victims. You should know the difference between leaders who are victims and those who are victors.

Routines Create Consistency in Your Organization

When you recognize and create new processes with a set list of steps and expectations, consistency depends on workers following that list to the letter.

Take a Self-Assessment for the Discipline of Mission 

Does emotional connection exist inside and outside your organization? Are the people in your organization living and working by your company's core values? Do they know why they do what they do? Do they give back to the community as a result of your company's giving back strategy?

Satisfy Constituents through the Discipline of Mission 

Traditional approaches to business only are concerned about getting one group of people to share a belief in a better world: customers.

How the Discipline of Mission Adds Zeros

You can measure how you add zeros in the Discipline of Mission by looking at your company's emotional connections inside and outside the organization.

Mission Is How You Connect with Customers and the Community

Being everything to everybody might seem like a good way to be attractive to a broad demographic, but beauty is only skin-deep. Those attracted to the shiny and new will soon move on to the next thing; those looking for meaningful relationships aren’t interested once they see past the veneer.