Mission Is How You Connect with Customers and the Community

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Oct 08, 2019

In tales of yore, people would try to attract someone through a love potion. Love potions are supposed to override the natural reactions a person may have toward another, forcing them to feel deeply about someone they otherwise have no feelings for. It’s based on an idea that emotional connections are superficial feelings that can be manipulated, and that such manipulations are preferable to actually working to become a person worthy of someone’s attention, respect, and love.

Being everything to everybody might seem like a good way to be attractive to a broad demographic, but beauty is only skin-deep. Those attracted to the shiny and new will soon move on to the next thing; those looking for meaningful relationships aren’t interested once they see past the veneer.

The strong emotional connections that exist between a company and the people who interact with it and that result from the company’s work ethic and values have real benefits for a company's constituents. You don't need a love potion if you're creating real emotional connections through the Discipline of Mission, and its components of core values, purpose statements and giving back.

The community benefits because those connections sustain the community itself, and the Stakeholders benefit because their ability to change the world is amplified.

The Discipline of Mission adds zeros through

  • core values that govern the actions of the organizations culture;
  • purpose statements that inspire, unify, and drive collective action to achieve goals; and
  • giving back to improve communities and make them stronger.

A company’s mission is broader than a calculated formula and ‘a love potion” stating why its customers should love it. A company’s mission is the purpose that it lives every day, that gives us energy and gives us desire. Emotional connections are built by sharing that purpose, helping us feel that we’re not alone in the world because we’re working together to make it better here and now. That is a company’s mission.

We'd love to hear from you. What is your commitment to your community, and your sense of giving back through your organization? How is it manifest? Thank you for sharing!