Routines Create Consistency in Your Organization

When you recognize and create new processes with a set list of steps and expectations, consistency depends on workers following that list to the letter.

How to Document a Process for Your Organization

A company should implement processes for sales, marketing, fulfillment, talent management, and manufacturing. Each step of each process requires a responsible person who ensures the procedure is followed, is on schedule, and is completed to the correct standard.

The Crucial Importance of On boarding

New employees gain a more rounded understanding of your organization when they learn about their new role and the company's values, strategy and purpose.

How to Identify Core Values in Your Company

Core values also enable external audiences like customers, suppliers or investors to understand and value who your company is and what it stands for.

The Point of Exponential Growth

As coaches, we’ve worked with thousands of companies to get them on the path of exponential growth. Over time, we’ve seen a disturbing pattern emerge: a business’s profit has become more important than its success. The companies we work with mean so much more than just money to the people who rely on them that we’ve recognized that the bottom line for a business is being sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent so it can continue to create emotional connections between the work it does and the people it serves.

How to Implement a Program for Giving Back

The Discipline of Mission is the reason the company does what it does. It describes the whole environment of the company, how it gives back to the community, and why it exists other than just to make money. It’s about social responsibility.