Create Magic through Business Success, Not Profit

Abundance thinking leads to success in business. Scarcity thinking leads to worry. The five disciplines for business success that we have identified are the result of abundance thinking and of considering business not just in terms of profits.

Add Zeros and Think Big

Thinking big means thinking abundantly. In our work, we have helped businesses grow by using methods that allow them to identify where they can pull vast wealth out of places where it looked like there was nothing, as if by magic.

But they only succeeded when they had the right mindset.

Do the Work, Make the Magic

You can systematically improve how you do business, and increase your profits. People will call it magic. It just looks that way. It's really hard work. Our methods aren't easy, but the results will seem like magic.

Organizational Discipline Leads to Profit

Think of the companies that are part of many people’s everyday lives: Apple, Netflix, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Nordstrom. Why do you think these companies have grown and thrived? They keep improving to meet market demand.