Financial Controls Tell Your Company's Story

Every company wants consistency (as does every company's clients), and financial controls, which are a component of the Discipline of Execution, create consistency.

Build Consistency through Financial Controls

A company’s financials tell its story through its numbers.

Why Well-Run Meetings Lead to Company Stability

Meetings have a bad reputation. Did you know that data reveals that 76% of participants are annoyed by meetings they consider a waste of time?

Create Consistency through Good Management

You should know that management and leadership are two different things. Leadership creates passionate and focused people. Management creates competent and productive people.

Create Consistency through Processes

Most of us like to be surprised when we see a magic act. How will the magician wow us with sleight-of-hand?

But in the real world, surprises arent much fun. Such as when your favorite restaurant changes hands and the food isnt as good as it used to be. You don't want surprises in business.

Develop Consistency in Your Business through Execution

In business you do not want to be faced with inconsistent products or services. You're not paying for something on the 50% chance it'l work. A lot of businesses fail because they can't promise their customers they'll always deliver what they say they will.