Having Your Slice of the Pie in the Marketplace

There's plenty of pie (that is, customers) to go around, but companies with a scarcity mentality don't think so

It's Not About Profits It's About Success

As much as we'd like to believe that everyone is optimistic, forward-thinking, and generous, we look around and know that’s not true. We know that it’s often possible for a forward-thinking company leader to be surrounded by employees who don't have an Abundance Mentality, but a Scarcity Mentality.

Why Competing on Price Is Self-Defeating

If all a company thinks about is profit, it's operating from the thinking that if it doesn't quickly grab up everything it can, it will lose out.

How Stage Magic Can Inspire Business Magic

Stage magic is magical because it's designed to be. Its point is to create situations where it's easier to believe in mystical occurrences than in all the painstaking work and intricate details that go into the presentation.

Can You Create Something Out of Nothing?

To answer the question we posed in the headline: Yes. More to the point, you can create money where you didn't think it existed.

Take a Self-Assessment for the Discipline of Mission 

Does emotional connection exist inside and outside your organization? Are the people in your organization living and working by your company's core values? Do they know why they do what they do? Do they give back to the community as a result of your company's giving back strategy?