Put Leverage to Use as Part of Your Business Strategy

The four critical components of the Discipline of Strategy are opportunity, leverage, scalability and marketability. Together, they lead to exponential growth.

Identify Opportunity to Put Your Strategy in Place

The main reason most businesses aren't very good at creating sustainable strategies is that they don't address each of these four critical issues that make up the Discipline of Strategy

A Successful Strategy Leads to Exponential Growth

One of the 5 Disciplines for Exponential Growth is the Discipline of Strategy.

Your overall business strategy is how you articulate the way you do business. It consists of two parts: where you want to go and the roadmap that gets you there. Every company is different, so every business strategy is different. The important thing is that your plan is appropriately designed to achieve the goals you've set.

Growth Is Getting to the Next Stage

There's a reason that only dedicated magicians succeed. Learning sleight of hand is frustratingly hard: your fingers don't move correctly, you drop things, that last move never goes right. Many people don't want to put in the time to master the discipline needed for success.

Success Comes from Discipline

Optimal business success sounds good, but what does it mean?

Optimal success is having an emotional connection while being sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent.

Small Changes Lead to Exponential Growth

Potential growth, even exponential growth, is possible.

Here's an example. Let's say that you start an investment bank account with an opening balance of one cent.