Success Comes from Discipline

Optimal business success sounds good, but what does it mean?

Optimal success is having an emotional connection while being sustainable, predictable, stable, and consistent.

Small Changes Lead to Exponential Growth

Potential growth, even exponential growth, is possible.

Here's an example. Let's say that you start an investment bank account with an opening balance of one cent.

Exceptional Companies See Limits as Opportunities

Exceptional companies see the limits that hold everyone back and refuse to be confined by them. Here, we want to talk about how your mindset as a company affects your potential. When you think in terms of boundaries, you limit yourself. When you see boundaries as opportunities to grow, you expand exponentially.

Your Audacious Goals Will Lead to Company Stability

In implementing the Discipline of Execution, managers determine how to use meetings to move individuals and teams and, ultimately, the company, forward to its goals. Meetings are held weekly, monthly and quarterly. It's in the quarterly meetings that you set your biggest goals.

Growth Comes from Strategy

If you only compete on price, your business will not be sustainable. Others can always undercut you, and customers won't learn to choose you for the quality of your products or services.

Create Magic through Business Success, Not Profit

Abundance thinking leads to success in business. Scarcity thinking leads to worry. The five disciplines for business success that we have identified are the result of abundance thinking and of considering business not just in terms of profits.