Key Performance Indicators Help Create Company Stability

What you measure, you can improve. Good management is about measuring outcomes to ensure that the company meets its goals. Effective managers develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure whether team members are completing their scheduled actions every day, week, and month.

Financial Controls Tell Your Company's Story

Every company wants consistency (as does every company's clients), and financial controls, which are a component of the Discipline of Execution, create consistency.

Build Consistency through Financial Controls

A company’s financials tell its story through its numbers.

Why Well-Run Meetings Lead to Company Stability

Meetings have a bad reputation. Did you know that data reveals that 76% of participants are annoyed by meetings they consider a waste of time?

Your Audacious Goals Will Lead to Company Stability

In implementing the Discipline of Execution, managers determine how to use meetings to move individuals and teams and, ultimately, the company, forward to its goals. Meetings are held weekly, monthly and quarterly. It's in the quarterly meetings that you set your biggest goals.