How to Run an Effective Meeting

Meetings have a bad reputation. Did you know that more than three-fourths of meeting participants consider meetings to be a waste of time?

Meetings should be productive and efficient. Their goal should be progress, not punishment.

Take a Self-Assessment for the Discipline of People

Where do you stand in relation to the Discipline of People? Do you struggle to find the right people to hire? Or do you have high employee morale? Do you lack clarity in defining people's roles? Do you have a high staff retention rate? Are you sure that your Discipline of People is doing everything it can to create a stable work environment?

Satisfy Constituents through the Discipline of PeopleĀ 

When an organization implements the 5 Disciplines for exponential growth, it will help satisfy the five constituents. These constituents are the company, the customer, the team member, the stakeholder and the community.

How the Discipline of People Adds Zeros

You can measure how you add zeros in the Discipline of People by looking at employee engagement and retention.

Key Performance Indicators Help Create Company Stability

What you measure, you can improve. Good management is about measuring outcomes to ensure that the company meets its goals. Effective managers develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure whether team members are completing their scheduled actions every day, week, and month.

Financial Controls Tell Your Company's Story

Every company wants consistency (as does every company's clients), and financial controls, which are a component of the Discipline of Execution, create consistency.