Satisfy Your Constituents through the Discipline of Strategy 

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Nov 26, 2019

For any organization to grow, it must satisfy five constituents: the company, the customer, the team member, the stakeholder and the community.

Each of the 5 Disciplines satisfies and benefits two of these constituent groups: For example, the Discipline of Strategy satisfies the Company and the Community; the Discipline of Business Development satisfies the Company and the Customer; the Discipline of People satisfies the Customer and the Team Member; the Discipline of Execution satisfies the Team Member and the Stakeholder, and the Discipline of Mission satisfies the Community and the Stakeholder.

The Company wants predictability and sustainability, so the overlap between Business Development and Strategy assures foreseeable, long-term viability for the organization. (Each constituent group has a major interest in two of the 5 Disciplines.)

The Company benefits from the Discipline of Strategy because planning and processes ensure it will be around long-term. The community benefits because of the assurance of tax revenue and long-term employment for residents.

Remember that the company is a constituent on its own and should outlast every person in it. This means seeing and planning for future opportunities that make a company sustainable and long-lived because there are plans for continued revenue and a direction in which to move. The company benefits when people have confidence that it will be around for a long time. An effective strategy ensures sustainability.

You can increase sustainability by understanding and using these four components of the Discipline of Strategy:

  • Opportunity: the demand you aim to fill
  • Marketability: the likelihood that a product or service will sell
  • Leverage: using what you have to get more
  • Scalability: planning the company to ensure natural growth

To recap, thinking long-term and big-picture about what will make you incredible for a long time results in longevity that has real benefits for your constituents: the company benefits from long-term continuity. The community benefits from tax-revenue and people's immersion in the good of where they live and work through long-term employment for its residents.Â

As we've mentioned before, if the team is to continually and consistently implement the company's strategy to succeed, it is critical that everyone can state the company's strategy in a single concise sentence. When the strategy's clear, everyone instantly understands it. When it's a single sentence, it's easy to remember, repeat, and talk about. A concise strategy that's continuously present within the company means that it's first and foremost in everyone's mind, making it easier to make it the focus of everything the company does.

We'd love to hear from you. How is your company's strategy benefitting your constituents? Thank you for sharing.