How to Document a Process for Your Organization

A company should implement processes for sales, marketing, fulfillment, talent management, and manufacturing. Each step of each process requires a responsible person who ensures the procedure is followed, is on schedule, and is completed to the correct standard.

How to Identify Core Values in Your Company

Core values also enable external audiences like customers, suppliers or investors to understand and value who your company is and what it stands for.

Take a Strategy Self-Assessment

The 5 Disciplines for Exponential Growth create an abundance mentality. You should take a detailed assessment of your company to see where you stand in regard to the 5 Disciplines. You can use your assessment as the basis for strategic thinking and execution planning.

Satisfy Your Constituents through the Discipline of Strategy 

For any organization to grow, it must satisfy five constituents: the company, the customer, the team member, the stakeholder and the community.

Planning Your Strategies for Long- and Short-Term Goals

In preparing your long- and short-term strategies, discussions that lead to decision-making need to happen on a regular basis. As we've said before, you must have long-term goals as well as short-term execution plans that carry out your strategies for adding zeros to the 5 Disciplines.