The Discipline of People Builds Stability

Monte Wyatt & Brad Sugars, Jul 23, 2019

People can and should be one of the most valuable assets of every organization, That is why we have created the discipline of people. The Discipline of People creates stability in an organization.

A company that doesn't practice the Discipline of People is often distrusted by its team. It struggles to find the right people to hire. It lacks clarity in defining the organization's roles. Its people work the absolute minimum.

By contrast, an organization that practices the Discipline of People has high employee morale and a very high staff-retention rate. It has customers and employees who are treated with the same respect.

The Discipline of People helps you increase stability with these three components:


Talent Development


Let's look at the nuts and bolts for each of these to show you how they increase stability.

First, leadership. Leadership and management are not the same things. We manage processes. We lead people. Leadership creates passionate and focused people.

Leading is about understanding ourselves and others and how we respond or react in the moment when we make decisions. Good leaders are accountable for their results, and responsible for their actions. They don't hide behind others, they act without excuses, and deal with how things are. This behavior should be evident to everyone in your company.

Good leaders offer solutions instead of excuses. They say what they can do and do what they say, and don't talk about what they can't do. They hold themselves accountable for their actions, decisions, and results. This inspires confidence in the team, which leads to stability.

Second is talent development, which is the next part of the Discipline of People. Talent development is a journey, not a destination. It's helping everyone who works for the organization, from top management to frontline employees, continually develop and improve the skills needed for short-term and long-term goals. It's a fundamental value for any company.

Successful companies continuously cultivate the skills and talents of their people to ensure that everyone who works in the organization can address new challenges as they arise or even before they appear. It's important to provide employees with stimulating, rewarding and challenging careers, to increase their job engagement and satisfaction. Talent development is a continual, pervasive process that shows that people matter to the organization, which inspires trust, which builds stability.

The third component of the Discipline of People is recruitment. As your businesses grows, you have to add additional team members who are the right team members.

A clear hiring-and-recruitment process is well-documented, with well-defined steps to follow each time a new team member needs to be hired. It's designed to bring in the people who are a perfect fit for the company in general, and for the job in particular.

The perfect fit isn't so much about technical skills as cultural fit. Skills can always be taught. What's important is how well a candidate matches the company's core values and meets the demands of today's challenging business environment. Good recruitment increases stability because you show by your hiring that your employees aren't just bodies filling seats, but people fulfilling dreams.

To recap, you should understand that as a leader of business, you don't build your business, you develop your people, and they build the business. When business leaders get this right, everything flows from there. You should also understand that exceptional people build excellent companies.

When leadership regularly and consistently develops its people, you have a great company with high employee engagement and retention. Having great people on board leads to a stable business that can weather problems and that can grow exponentially.

We'd love to hear from you. How would you describe our organization's leadership? What are its strengths and gaps? Thank you for sharing.