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If you are a CEO or Executive team member this is a quick-hitting course to start your organization’s journey to exponential growth.

This course is a quick-start guide to implementing internal discipline to trigger critical discussions, decisions, and actions within your organization.

During these 24 POWERFUL lessons, you will learn HOW to achieve an organization that is SUSTAINABLE, PREDICTABLE, STABLE, CONSISTENT, and has an EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.


Imagine this, every single leader in your organization knows exactly where they are going, and how they will get there, and they are tracking their progress.

  • If you have a POWERFUL team that can accomplish anything with the right FOCUS and Commitment… This Course is For You
  • If you are COMMITTED to developing a cohesive, results-driven TEAM…This Course is For You
  • If you want an organization that achieves successful OUTCOMES and a sustainable FUTURE… This Course is For You
  • If you are not killing it EVERY single MONTH…This Course is For You

It’s time to see how the AddingZEROS 5 Disciplines can help you.

We will focus on these topics:
Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning, Alignment, Engagement, Clarity of Implementation

You will walk away with the understanding of:

  • 5 Disciplines your Organization & Executive Team must have
  • 5 Constituents that every organization must satisfy
  • The simplicity of Executive Leadership & Management Thinking
Make Your Move NOW and Take ACTION!