Cahyadi Kurniawan had gone through his solid 22 years solid Professional Leadership carrier within the multinational companies starting from Swiss, British/French and retired form the Japanese group. Educated as a mechanical engineer, started his career as production supervisor, subsequently moved into the business as commercial, General Manager, Vice President to President Director.

During this period, inspired by his learning at Stanford-NUS Executive program, he combined both East and West management method to get the best from his team, turned around the traditional old and slow companies by cutting through management complexity and install a clear, easy to implement system which generated great result to all the stake holders.

His great success is actually in building leader in each level, a lot of his subordinates have achieved senior management level in local, up to Fortune 500 companies.

Cahyadi has a strong believe that every business should be run in the simplest way but build on a solid standard management structure which growth can be sustained.

As a Coach, Cahyadi has helped many entrepreneurs to sort out their mindset,

Business structure, strategies and build up solid team so that the business owners can empower the daily operation to the team and has more time to focus on their business growth.

Since joining ActionCOACH, Cahyadi is the only unique coach which has strong Chinese culture back ground and combine with proven ActionCOACH system to effective help Chinese business owner to get synergy from working hard and smart.

Together with team, Cahyadi have coached numerous industries from Consumer Goods, B2B, Retail, Wholesale, Import/Export and Service, to Manufacturing, Trading, and Information Technology.

Coach Cahyadi also has dedicated to record his life long management and leadership experience into a pragmatic book series: It’s Easy...

  • It’s Easy... Building Up a Business
  • It’s Easy... Managing a Business and coming up with the 3rd book:
  • It’s Easy... Running a family business


Within 8 years as a business Coach, Coach Cahyadi has coached and helped more than 100 business owners to cut through business complexity through simplicity yet implementable strategies and actions so that business owners found their niche and build up a solid management structure.

He found out his business niche, as particular, with family business regeneration. With his unique background and deep understanding of Chinese culture combined with his Engineering education and leadership experience in multinational company, he has helped bridging the generation gap between many self-made business founders, to smoothly regenerate their business to the next generation.

Straightening out the family emotion side, and establish a modern solid management structure with accountability for each family members who are involved in running the company.

He has established an alignment session to break down the emotional borders, and bring all families member to openly discuss the future of the family business. With this family business blue print, then the family members have clarity on their roles of responsibilities and step by step taking over the forte of the founder how to bring the business success to the next level.

“There are a lot of world wide corporations belong to the family business, it is the most joyful moment, when we see the founder ensure that the next generations are ready to bring the business to the next level” .... A pleasure shared by Coach Cahyadi in aligning and coaching family business during the regeneration process.


  • · Turned around a conservative British manufacturing company into profit 1997
  • · Merging two difference culture company, east meets west, and becoming the #1 ink company in Indonesia 2006
  • · Action Man award 2010, 2013
  • · Top 100 Coaches ActionCOACH since 2010
  • · Inducted to ActionCOACH President Club 2012
  • · Published 2 practical business books since 2013

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