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Having been commissioned at 19 years old as an Army Officer, Damon Wallace was thrust into the spotlight almost instantaneously. Wallace wasted no time taking on various leadership roles accounting for major gains not only in his personal life, but his professional life as well. His most notable achievement is having been in charge of managing over $2 billion dollars’ worth of equipment during his military career. Among his other notable achievements, Wallace has assisted well over 10,320 individuals to not only realize, but also enhance, their entrepreneurial gifts. He has over 10 years in consulting and is an award-winning business coach. His strengths include: strategic thinking and planning, team building and employee engagement. Having led and managed organizations of over 4,000 people, Wallace doesn't back down from a challenge. Working alongside his business partner and wife, Sheles, within their company Billionaire Thoughts, Wallace has directly implemented, as well as, coached clients to increase their bottom-line profits over $120 million dollars in the last 10 years. Wallace believes in strict competence in the areas of business coaching, as well as, employee engagement to transform not only the business model, but the business as a whole.

Wallace is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity where he is highly involved in various charitable and community building activities. He volunteers as a board member and business coach for area nonprofits as a way to multiply his impact to the community. His business and philanthropic philosophy coincide; he believes that by helping businesses in the community be profitable corporate citizens then it creates jobs and greater economic stability which in turn. allows families to be less stressed financially, investment in better schools, and ultimately more charitable giving.

Clients working with Wallace and his team can expect to create clear concise objectives, as well as, strategies on how to achieve them. We, as an organization, focus on creating a better organizational culture, better processes and higher deliverables for all stakeholders.

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