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Community wealth through inspired and disciplined action!

Dan is a proven business, leadership and executive coach that is passionate about serving and helping people achieve their personal, career and business goals.

He focuses on asking key questions to understand how individuals, departments and organizations are currently thinking as this drives the actions and results that are being produced. If new and improved results are desired, it will require a new thought process! This is where Dan excels, asking thought-provoking questions that explore possibilities that were not previously considered. He inspires people through this process of new thinking, leading to massive actions and significantly increased results in five key areas:

  • Strategy

  • Business Development

  • People

  • Execution

  • Mission

This process moves organizations to THINK BIGGER and brings CLARITY to who they want to become and what they need to do to get there. Utilizing the proven systems of Adding Zeros and ActionCOACH, Dan helps each organization develop a customized plan and that creates discipline and accountability in each of these areas resulting in EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

Dan’s vision is crystal clear: creating community wealth through inspired and disciplined action! In Dan’s eyes, this is achieved through developing leaders that create an incredible work environment with healthy relationships with their employees and clients that emotionally connect with their community. When this happens, everyone wins together and community wealth is achieved.

Dan is a proven performer with over 30 years of leadership, management and coaching experience. He has 10+ years of experience in three dynamic organizations.

  • Dan started his career with Foot Locker in 1985 and was quickly identified as a top performer. He was promoted numerous times and recognized for his accomplishments, winning several elite awards. He managed one of the top 25 stores in the country in a chain that had over 1,700 locations. He more than doubled total sales in the four years under his leadership at this location. He ended his Foot Locker career as a District Manager overseeing 21 locations doing in excess of $23 million in sales.

  • In 1998, Dan then joined the Oreck Corporation where he became a Regional Manager based out of Minneapolis MN. After 2 ½ years Dan was promoted to National Sales Manager and moved to New Orleans to oversee the operations of 120 stores across the nation. Two years later Dan was promoted again to National Sales Manager – Franchise where he was responsible for 160 Franchise Owners that operated 350 stores achieving $175 million in annual sales.

  • In 2008, Dan purchased his ActionCOACH Franchise and has quickly risen to the top again as one of the leading coaches in the system around the world. Dan has helped several businesses achieve growth of two to ten times their revenue and profits from the day they started with him. Additionally, he has helped 3 clients successfully achieve their dream of selling their business and achieve financial freedom. Many of his clients have businesses they still own and run without them having to be there on a daily basis, resulting in a business that serves their personal life.

Dan is a driven professional that is passionate about your organization’s success. He believes this happens when there is a committed culture to learning, coaching, execution, and discipline. If this is something you would like within your company and would like Dan’s help guiding you through the process please reach out to him today!

Dan Zimanski

ActionCOACH Franchise Owner & Adding Zeros Licensee

Business, Executive & Leadership Coach



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