Kaka Le Ngoc Dang

Ho Chi Minh


About Kaka Le Ngoc Dang

Let me tell you the story of how a good boy turned into a bad boy. Believe it or not, in my day that happened a lot. But I didn't expect it to fall on me because I hated that kind of person before me. Even more interesting is that up to now, the boy is trying to become a real angel.

Word Duyen brought me to ActionCOACH - an organization with a Re-Education method that has renewed my perception & thinking on how to build an effective business. ActionCOACH operates within 14 cultural values, 7 commitments, and 8 benefits for business owners.

With more than 1,000 branches and offices in 59 countries, ActionCOACH brings proven business development strategies that work quickly and easily to nearly 15,000 business owners each week.

Now I have an environment to update my knowledge and experience every day. Becoming a coach is the highlight in the life of an entrepreneur like me. Since then, give everything you have to share, support Vietnamese businesses to become more and more successful, society more prosperous.

  • Easily get along with people in any environment.
  • Having experienced the military environment, I have a high sense of discipline.
  • Inner intelligence, communication intelligence, listening, and sharing.
  • Focus on building relationships in depth.
  • More than 16 years of experience in many positions from hire to owner.
  • Experience in running entrepreneurial organizations with members being business owners.


  • As a committer, I need you to always commit to doing your best until you succeed.
  • As a person of integrity, I am committed to always looking at problems with honesty and always working with you to find solutions.
  • As a sincere person, I always listen and share, ready to support when you need it.
  • As a person of action, I understand that in order to change things, I must first change myself with concrete actions.
  • As an ActionCOACH coach, I always have good teammates ready to help when you and I run into problems.

Let's accompany me so that we don't have to waste time, money, and energy anymore!

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