(Leo) Võ Thái Lâm

Transformational Life & Business COACH

I started my very first business in 2004, an IT school. After 2 year of working as a mathematics teacher and business owner, I sold it.

I opened my second business in 2008, an IT out sourcing company and run it to 2017 before transferred to another owner.

2015, when ActionCOACH came to Vietnam. We were the IT software supplier for the master license in our country. The first time I joined an ActionCOACH’s seminar, I told to my partner, “this is exactly what I need to do in near future”. I joined ActionCOACH 2015 Oct.

When working with business owners, I focus on taking their life & businesses to the next level to achieve incredible results. I received several local, regional and global awards for my coaching career, including global biggest community impact award in 2019.

My personal brand promise is: Transform your life & transform your business.

These are what I will do with my clients to fulfill the promise

  • I help you to bring out the best version in each leaders and their staffs by teach & coach them emotional intelligent and leadership
  • I bring best practices in every aspect of a business: strategy, sales & marketing, hiring and training your team, finance control, planning & execution…

I desire to help you create a successful organization. One that is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection.

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