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Marvin is a business and executive coach who works with open minded and successful CEOs and Leadership Teams to help them get more out of their lives through their businesses and careers. Since 2009 he has helped hundreds of businesses in Indonesia to grow. He's worked with a range of businesses, from micro all the way to multi-national companies.

Marvin believes that a combination of unlocking your “why” and having a clear process is the rocket fuel needed to let you live your lead your teams to play at a higher level. One that is more mindful and intentional, and therefore fulfilled.

His work within the SME sector has focused on taking companies to the next level and helping them increase the valuation of their businesses, which has also seen his clients collect national and regional awards. Marvin himself has received several local, regional and global awards for his work including being inducted to the ActionCOACH Hall of Fame in 2018.

His work with larger companies have mainly focused on planning facilitation, leadership development and team engagement. Marvin's work in this sector has also been recognized internationally as he's received the awards for Engagement Coach of The Year - Asia Pacific (2017) and Executive Coach of The Year - Asia Pacific (2017). His client list includes companies such as ANZ Bank, Kuehne Nagel, Red Bull, AkzoNobel, Conoco Philips, OLX, Caterpillar and Cigna.

When he’s not working with businesses or learning, you can find him enjoying meditative runs, playing soccer, being chairman of education foundations or hanging out with his wife and two children whom he adores.

Marvin holds a Master in Business Administration degree from The Pennsylvania State University, and Bachelor in Management (Finance & Marketing) from Purdue University.







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