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  • High level experience in business, highlight coaching and consulting experience. Incude numbers of years you have been coaching

I started my business from 2005. Until now, I have owned 7 businesses in Software Development, Translation, IT Network Architecture, Language School. My coaching career started from Nov 2015. Until now, I have been coaching for more than 20 Clients and Coaches in many Industry.

  • Tell your story/philosophy of business success

My background was an Engineer, and I had not had any experience of running a business. But, because of good economy in Vietnam in 2005 – 2009, I established 7 companies in just 4 years.

2009, Leeman Shock came to the town, and my life turned to be a nightmare. Only one business had profit, other 6 businesses loss. I had to sell our Properties, to pay salary for Employees.

From 2012, things got better, I started to think that, I need to learn how to be a Real Business Owner. I joint many Business School, Training Course…, but after all, I found that, there was a big distance from Academy Theory to Real Life.

May 2015, I met ActionCoach in a seminar in Vietnam, and decided to become a Coach. Nov 2015, I took the Coach Training in Las Vegas, and became a Coach. After that, I leveraged my own businesses, so that it could work without me.

2016, my family moved to Japan, and became the Master Licencee in Japan.

Coaching in Japan is different to coaching in Vietnam. The Knowledge of Business Owner in Japan is very high, they are very discipline, and the quality of Product and Service is already high. So DO Coach (Coach people how to DO) is very hard.

I found that, not only in Japan, but also all in the world, people thinks we are struggling because we don’t know HOW TO DO, but actually, in many case, eventhough we know how to do (know the theory), but we still not take action on it. We don’t take Action, because we have Fear, because we don’t have clarity in our direction (Purpose, Goal), and because we don’t have enough discipline to ourselves. In other words, we don’t have enough BE.

From 2018, I changed my coaching style from “DO coach” to “BE coach”. “Be coach” is the coaching style to help Client to have clarity in their Purpose, Goal, have discipline in their life, and get over their psychological Block as Fear, Frustration, and Sadness. My belief is, to make a massive result, we can’t just do some Extraordinary thing one time, to make a massive result, we need to have a Strong Purpose, Clear Goal, Positive Mindset, and Good Habits.

With my BE Coach System, I have helped many Business Owners and Coaches to get over their Mental Block, and get Massive Result not only in Business, but also in Personal Life. And, the happiest thanks I got from my Client is not “You help me to double my business” but “You changed my life and my family life.” (Well, actually I also help them to 10x their Profit just after 1 year coaching).

Coaching for People in Corporate and Coaching for People in SME are not the same in term of Doing. But in term of Being, they are all the same. Each of us, we have Fear, Frustration and Sadness, that make us thinking, speaking, taking action. And all the habits of thinking, speaking, taking action make our BE. Our BE bring us to be the person now, and sometimes our BE hold us from get a new Dream, and taking Action to get that Dream. It holds us to go to the next steps of Massive Result.

By solving the BE, we can go to next level. That’s why I love coaching.

3)Share a few personal points of data(family, hobbies, non profit work)

I live in Tokyo with my wife and 2 sons. I love reading books (100 books every year).

Any Media appearances?


Interview from Rainbow Town FM Radio

What should clients expect when they work with you?

  • Systematized Knowledge of Business, Personal Growth, that can help you to improve your Business.
  • High level of Mental Coaching, that can help you to find the Root Cause of your Mental Block, solve them, and become the Person you want to BE.
  • Encourage you and hold your Accountability, that can help you to go on right track to your Goals and achieve your Dreams.

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