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Steven has over 35 years of successfully building and co-founding more than 20 companies. Steven is an Adding ZEROS facilitator and Global Top 100 Business Coach with ActionCOACH. He brings his unique lifetime of experience of best practices to help things go right as well as when things start to go wrong. Steven brings his real-world leadership along with business and personal development to executives and organizations.

Steven’s brand promise is threefold:

Advance a career. Transform an organization. Achieve awesome results.

To fulfill these promises, Steven defines what he does in four words:

Awareness: Steven will help you see things that you cannot in yourself and your organization.

Education: Steven will bring proven strategies in leadership and management, influencing up and down, hiring and training your team, strategic thinking and execution planning, communication adapting, business and personal development.

Implementation: Steven will assist you in thinking through and putting the education into practice in your daily activities.

Discipline: Steven will hold you accountable to your goals and actions that you commit to.

Steven co-founded and was a Senior VP of a global Infomercial company Positive Response Television. It started with only five success driven individuals by creating synergy and growth to eventually become a public entity. Positive Response Television produced sales is excess of $2 Billion combined in over 60 countries and 12 languages. Positive Response Television was then positioned for a successful merger and acquisition to a larger public company, National Media.

Steven also co-founded and was CEO of one of the most successful privately held Infomercial business opportunity companies in the United States, DirectFX. The unique campaigns created by DirectFX generated revenues toping $750 Million by marketing innovative products with creative and impactful programming. This was accomplished by creating a tight and efficient organization that was a joy to work in every day. DirectFX achieved rankings in the Top 5 tracking reports featured in Response Magazine for over a decade!

Steven has owned an aircraft acquisition company and is an accomplished commercial pilot. Flying is a passion that has taught Steven many disciplines and processes. Steven gives back to those in need by volunteering as a pilot flying wounded warriors and others across the United States.

Steven lives his life guided by faith, enjoying friends, family and ultimately creating his FREEDOM by working with others to achieve their ultimate success.

Steven has a burning desire to help YOU create YOUR SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZATION TOO.

One that is Sustainable, Predictable, Stable, Consistent and has an Emotional Connection!

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