Success Stories

Medix Dental

Tom Torrenez’ business was growing rapidly, but he didn’t know exactly where they were going. The business was making reactive decisions turn by turn, lacked consistency, and needed better execution.

“We didn’t really have any formalized processes. Our facilitator asked a lot of questions, and creating consistency was something we hadn’t really done. We just did things a certain way with nothing written down. We didn’t have our heads around how we wanted the business to run efficiently and effectively. Processes kind of existed, but none of us knew what they were. Adding Zero’s guidance gave us clarity on how to create processes and how to fully implement them.”

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Service Legends

Service Legends is now known as a world-class provider of residential home services such as heating, air conditioning, geothermal, and indoor air quality. Service Legends is thriving and is firmly grounded in its core values, principles and philosophy. With clear-cut goals and a deliberate vision, what more could they need? Is it possible for the best to get better? Yes. That is when Brian Leech hired an Adding Zeros facilitator.

While their Adding Zeros facilitator agreed with many of the issues Brian had with his business, he also dove deeper into these challenges. He took the time to not only listen but read between the lines to determine the most effective ways to help Service Legends grow and succeed.

“Profits are up from last year; we’ve achieved 80% core value match and we’re poised for the largest growth leap that we have experienced in years,” said Brian. “We have a leadership team that is firing on seven out of eight cylinders and has enormous amounts of potential.”

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Most businesses begin with the intention to grow. But sometimes, when opportunity knocks, business owners aren’t quite prepared for the additional demands success can bring.

Joel and Deann Jansen purchased Janco Industries, the metal fabrication business was on solid ground, and it was ripe for expansion when Handy Industries, a manufacturer of motorcycle lifts, truck tailgates, and shop accessories, became available for purchase. In 2010, Janco made the move and acquired a new operation.

The business grew from five to 50 employees. While Joel and Deann embraced the rapid growth, it came with additional challenges.

“We mushroomed. It was a growth spurt that got a bit out of our control. We were overwhelmed and knew we needed to improve our processes, especially communications, and hiring a team” said Deann. “We didn’t know where to start.” They turned to Adding Zeros.

“We are hiring better people, and we realize that means paying them a little more. We have our core values set in place, and we hire based on those. Overall, we’re doing a better job of not just hiring the next beating heart that walks through the door,” said Deann. “We now have more productive and loyal workers, and we’re hiring for the long term instead of short term. We have more A-players who are more accountable to the bottom line, and we’re more profitable. It’s an overall better place to work. It’s an atmosphere where employees want to stay. We have low turnover, a better sense of direction, shared goals, and everything we do is more intentional.”

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Dynamic Ag Solutions

Co-Owner Dan Kallem said “We were in transition from being under private ownership to corporate ownership” An Adding Zeros facilitator identified the need for the Disciplines of mission and strategy. “We started with core values or the list of things we believe in. It’s the way we act daily with ourselves, and with customers. Then, the facilitator showed us how to apply those to all areas of our business to create consistency and commitment.”

After establishing the core values on which the business would grow, Dan’s team worked with Adding Zeros to define their purpose, core competencies, brand promises, and big, hairy, audacious goals.

“Establishing the numbers was great, but how do we get there? The facilitator helps us move through a process. We needed to make sure everyone was on the same page. We defined the strategy, and realized we needed to put a bigger focus into marketing programs and communications if we were going to meet those numbers,” said Dan.

Once Dan’s sales team had clearly defined goals and a strategy to get there, things really started to take off.

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What People Are Saying About Pulling Profits

Craig Handley
CEO of ListenTrust, author of Hired to Quit, Inspired to Stay

"Pulling Profits Out of a Hat shows why it’s so important to look at the small stuff that businesses usually ignore: emotional connections, employee engagement, employee retention, and community. But focusing on these and other overlooked areas of your business, Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt give you exceptional tools to build exponential growth."

Sharon Lechter
CPA CGMA, Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, Co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet from Gold, Rich Dad Poor Dad and 14 other books in the Rich Dad Series

“Pulling Profits reveals how to identify new income streams by pulling enormous wealth out of overlooked areas of your business. Using their vast experience as two of the world’s leading business and executive coaches, Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt offer a system to help you achieve sustainable, exponential growth in all levels of your organization. They provide definitive action steps to fix what needs help, and even to vastly improve what’s already working well. Pulling Profits is a handbook for building a sustainable business.”

Michael J. Losier
best-selling author of Law of Attraction, Law of Connection and Your Life’s Purpose

"Adopting the culture of an abundant mindset creates manifestations, some call MAGIC. Brad and Monte’s resource guide will help spread this mindset at your workplace. Law of Attraction at work - literally."